+ History

Korea Aerospace University established the Wooljin Flight Training Center with funding from the government to solve the problem of a manpower shortage and build a base for producing world class pilots.

We will try to make a bridgehead for the development of the general aviation industry in Korea, producing commercial pilots who satisfy the requirements of the airlines, as well as offering easy-to-access education to the general public who want to obtain their license as a hobby.

Through our progressive education system incorporating advanced technologies, our diverse faculty of dedicated professionals, and our wide array of programs, we do our best to support your future dreams of providing yourself with a world-class flight education.

The way to achieve your dream is closer than you think.

Let's go together!

    reduced costs when compared to seeking training abroad
    multiple career options, depending on background and abilities
    comparable to competitive training programs across the globe due to the employment of instructors from
        diverse nationalities and backgrounds as well as a commitment to English as the language of instruction
    comprehensive employment support both from the affiliated education institute as well as the Government of Korea
    highly specific knowledge-based program to nurture future civil airline pilots with industry know-how garnered
        from the Airline Pilot Program
    industry-based aptitude and attribute development, with focus on the interpersonal, linguistic and physical
        skills necessary to succeed in the aviation industry today
    compatibility with advanced courses in the United States, making license conversion an easier process;
        the education program currently in operation satisfies American standardization as per FAR Part 141

  Uljin Flight Training Center opened