CSeries Fly-By-Wire Control Law Development

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I worked on the development of fly-by-wire control law for CSeries family of aircraft while I was at Bombardier Aerospace in 2004-2009. Optimized for the longer range, single-aisle, 100- to 149-seat market, the CSeries aircraft are scheduled to be operational from 2013.

Main works included:

•  Design and validation of the fly-by-wire control law
•  Development of envelope protection functions including load factor protection, high speed protection, high angle-of-attack protection, pitch attitude protection.
•  Handling quality analysis
•  Pilot in-the-loop oscillation (PIO) analysis
•  Pilot in-the-loop simulation test
•  Development of steep approach landing control logic
•  Pilot modeling
•  System failure hazard assessment


I thank David Reist, Fraser Macmillen, Ilie Stiharu-Alexe, Keith Monk, Navid Niksefat, Brian Taylor, Moussa Abdoune, Evgeny Kolesnikov, and Mattew Olsthoorn in the fly-by-wire control law group for their friendship. I had a great time while I was with them.


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